Kenneth S. Tucker, L.M.H.C., L.H.D.


Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, CT. Bachelor of Arts, Sociology. 1975

University of Connecticut, School of Social Work, West Hartford, CT. 1975

University of Bridgeport, School of Counseling, Bridgeport, CT. Master of Science, Counseling Psychology. 1976

Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Training and Consultation. 1976



1973 - 1974: Assistant Director - Norwalk, Connecticut Department of Public Health, Methadone Maintenance Clinic

1975 - 1976: Director - Connecticut Renaissance, Inc. Out-patient and Residential Substance Abuse Facility

1976 -1979: Henderson Clinic Emergency and Day Treatment Therapist

1979 -1981: Director of Crisis Screening and Stabilization Unit

1979 - 1993: Private Mental Health Counseling Practice

1988 - 1991: Director of Comprehensive Counseling Associates, Inc.

1991 - 1993: President, Center for Counseling and Development, Inc.

1995 - 1996: President, Family Institution of Boca Raton, Inc.

1996 - Present: Director, Care Management Division, National Special Needs Network, Inc.



American Association for Counseling and Development: 1982 - 1993

American Mental Health Counselors Association: 1982 - 1993

Florida Society of Psychotherapists: 1992 - 1993

Prof. Advisory Board, Broward Epilepsy Association: 1990

The National Distinguished Service Registry: 1989

American Mental Health Counselors Membership Directory: 1989

Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Inc. (CCBT): 1992



Fair Oaks Hospital

University Pavilion Hospital

West Boca Hospital

Delray Community Medical Center

Coral Springs Hospital



Counseling Certification Yale University: 1976

AIDS/HIV Counseling Certification: 1990

Basic Professional Hypnosis Certification: 1992

Advanced Professional Hypnosis Certification: 1992

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediation Training Program Certificate of Participation: 1993

American Board of Certified Managed Care Providers Certificate Diplomate status: pending

Instructional Rank Certificate/Adjunct Professor of Behavior Sciences and Counseling Psychology: 1983

Florida Atlantic University Director of Practicum Programs/Counseling Education: 1996




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