The Middle Way


Mr. Minde speaks on

Mindful Living For People With Disabilities

Their Families and Friends, Treating Professionals, and The

 General Public


Jeffrey H. Minde brings 50 years of experience as a person with a disability, and 30 years of professional experience to his public speaking engagements. With this insight,  Jeff hopes to foster understanding and awareness of the Self and the Other for people with disabilities and addictions, their families and friends, their treating professionals and the general public.

Emotional torment and isolation are frequently a tremendous if unspoken part of living with a disability, or indeed any circumstance that makes a person feel "different."

Families and friends often cannot cope with these profound issues. Sometimes they are at the root of the problem.  Other times, even with the best of intentions, they struggle themselves to come to terms with day-to-day-living.

Far too often treating professionals act as though disabilities and other conditions are purely mechanical problems, a question of tight muscles or limited cognition, a matter of treating a symptomatic eating disorder, or prescribing another Wonder Drug.

We are often made to be unaware of or divorced from our own bodies and minds. As a result, we become passive participants in our own care.

With his experiences---as a disabled person, as a therapist, as an attorney, as a business owner, and as a human being---Jeff wants to share with you what he knows, and wants to learn from you.

Utilizing a range of simple but effective techniques, Jeff helps others to empower themselves.

He is available for public speaking engagements in schools, professional forums, and corporate venues.  Private advisory meetings are also available to individuals and small groups. Call for details, availability and rates.


4613 N. University Drive # 242

Coral Springs FL 33067

Telephone and Facsimile:   561-447-4152


M. Cullen leads us in a Body Scan Meditation (30 minutes)


Our services are not intended to endorse any particular group or method of mindfulness training. Our services are not meant to replace medical treatment,  psychotherapy, or other forms of intervention. We are not offering Counseling or Legal Services through the "The Middle Way." Should you require referrals or assistance in these areas we will be glad to provide you such information.